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About Us

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De Paolo's Circumferential Road, Guadalupe Village, Angeles City By: Timothy Sanchez

To eat pork escalop is one of the few reasons on alumnus or two Holy Family Academy would go back to new site in Cutcut. Who wouldn't miss the fine lunches of de Paolo's even they were just served in tiny colored lunchboxes?

Thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Jun Pangan, they finally opened de Paolo's Restaurant.

The yard, which used to be dusty and lush with "talahib" was transformed into a cozy restaurant. It is charming with wooden tables and chairs, high ceiling, Ate Babe's keychain caprices, wall lamps, Vigan tiles, surrounding green. Greeb shrubs and lawn, open and cool, surround it. The mood is "pang-gabi" as the gracious Ate Babes put it, as she eagerly showed us around, "You can have dinner al fresco." One always feels expensive in this setting, quiet and peaceful, orderly, clean and cool.

Homesick Familians likewise, initiates can assume alert service, reasonable prices and unchanging de Paolo's quality, kept through the years.

The favorites are still there. The standard Pork Escalop with its mushroom sauce, fish fillet, barbecue and others alongside de Paolo's new combinations such as steaks, fish medallion, de Paolo's chicken and Bab's (tilapia fillet) served with chicken croquettes. There are also fish and shrimp dishes in lemon butter sauce. The selection in the menu is modest in range, and the choice usually quick and easy. One can order from memory. We only hope the Mang Jun steadily include in their menu our favorite fish fillet in hollandaise sauce, and not make us wait until the Lenten Seasons.

The enticement is the food, of course - just right for the pockets and palates of the Familians who remember the goodness and the pleasantness of taste of their high school lunches.

Hours and Days Open: Open daily from 10:00am to 10:00pm
Dress Code : None
Bar Service : Iced Tea is clever! Last order of beer is until 9:30pm only
Parking : Parking Lot
Amenities : Clean; all systems working